Friday, November 7, 2008

Shit to do for the weekend of 11/7

Sexy Friday 11/7

Dun Bin Had, Rule 22, Banda Nonsense, and 9:00 News play the Blackwater tonight at 8. If 9:00 News doesn't play at 9 I'm going to be very disappointed. If ever a band had a built in hook, that would be it. $8

The Highway 61 Blues Band plays the Matinee tonight at 9. I've actually seen these guys in action and their a fairly decent blues band. They're popular with the older crowd though, so if you plan on going there be prepared for the place to be filled with a bunch of "way too old to be at the bar this late" guys eyeing women like they were still in their mid-twenties. $10

Saturday 11/8

We don't really include many Modesto shows in these posts, but it's not every weekend that pioneers in both rap and vulgarity come by. Saturday night at the Fat Cat, most of 2 Live Crew (sans Luke) will dazzle the crowd lyrically at 9:30. Opening for them will be local DJs Suga Shane, Bobby Sanchez, and Liquid. Let's see if 2LC can mirror the comeback success of fellow 80s band AC/DC. Something tells me they can't, but it should be a fun show anyways.

Sunday 11/9

So there's good news and bad news for Raider fans this weekend. The good news is that they can't possibly play any worse, and there's rumors floating around that there's somebody out there crazy enough to want to coach them (Stanford's Jim Harbaugh). The bad news? They're playing the 6-2 Panther who come in to Oakland fresh off their bye week. If they gain a single yard in the first half, it has to be considered a moral victory for the silver and black.

Speaking of teams fresh off their bye week, the Niners play the Cardinals on...whoa whoa whoa, wait a minute. Does that say Monday Night Football? The Monday Night Football? You've got to be fucking kidding me.

Monday 11/10

For some unknown reason MNF features a week 10 battle between two NFC West teams. Shaun Hill gets the start against the Buzzsaw as everybody now realizes that NFL Europe MVP and "less than mediocre NFL player" are the exact same thing.

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