Thursday, November 20, 2008

Quick Links for Nov. 20th

It's an audit-palooza today! We'll be getting to the awesomeness that is the State Controller's audit of Delta College's Measure L spending a little later today. But in the meantime, here's some quick links to tide you over.

I guess this means we're no longer a town full of illiterates. Unless somebody checked out $3 million worth of picture books and couldn't read the due date. There's also a strong possibility that in concentrating on literacy, we neglected our math skills and got the fees wrong.

It's stories like this that make me wonder if a website centering around the goings-on in Stockton was a good idea. I guess we're less tech savvy than we thought. Although we can't blame the kid, have you seen some of the pictures women post on MySpace? I'd try and meet those broads under dubious circumstances too.

Two struggling charities stories in one week? Must be holiday season.

This is bullshit, and we're not even smokers. Who benefits from taking away the smoking areas? Nobody, that's who. Smokers now have to go to the sidewalk to smoke? What was wrong with their designated smoking areas? Fuck setting an example, this is just discrimintion. Welcome to California, where the law will protect any wacky right you want, unless you're a smoker or a monogamous gay.

We've been wondering what the deal with Jason Anderson is for a while. He's billed as the sports reporter on the UOP beat, but lately Jagdip Dhillon has been doing the UOP stories. That leaves Anderson somewhat beatless. Today we opened up the Record and see a fancy new pic of him in a suit. Which begs the question, is Jason Anderson the new columnist for the Record's sports page? If he is, a column about women's basketball probably isn't the best way to start. Although it does make El Duke's line yesterday about noone caring about women's basketball somewhat prophetic. Although Duke was on quite a roll yesterday anyways.

We've mentioned UOP's campaign against fun before, but now people who actually go to UOP are getting tired of it. We're just glad John Belushi isn't alive to see the death of a system he made famous.

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