Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Quick Links for Nov. 18th

Before we get to the Quick Links, I'd like to extend a hearty "fuck you" to our ISP. You let me do all the link mining for this post, and then promptly shit the bed as I headed over to blogspot to finish up. It's just barely up now and I'm posting this incomplete Quick Links just to get something up in case the network goes down again. How dare you deny the readers another joke at Delta's expense? I'm wrapping this rant up now out of fear the network will go down again. Enjoy the Quick Links.

So the Waterfront is now the Lexington Plaza Waterfront Hotel Feed and Fuel (or something like that), thus giving David Siders another chance to recap the hilarious Sheraton saga. The highlight of course being that someone thought that somebody with $700,000 to throw around was going to voluntarily live in downtown Stockton. Man, that one makes us laugh every damn time.

We booed this before, but we'll throw it out there again. We're all for safety, but the only people hurt by not wearing a seatbelt are the people not wearing seatbelts. How many people does that make? According to state Director of Traffic Safety Chris Murphy, seatlbelt usage surpasses 95%. Which means this is really all just bullshit because it's not like that number's ever going to be 100%. Hooray for excuses to racially profile under the guise of a seatbelt check!

The crazy cat ladies of Lodi called a meeting Monday to let people know they're not crazy. How did they do so? By refuting claims levied at them from former commission members and animal shelter folk. And by remaining civil for an entire meeting! Oh man, we had it all wrong. These people are tooootally sane. Especially when they spout off lines like "(The Monday meeting) will clear a lot up" when the Monday meeting cleared up pretty much nothing. Of course Commissioner Gina Mendes (presumably) said that while visibly trembling because the other commissioners forced her to leave her cat ear headband and costume tail at home this week. They did allow her to keep the face paint whiskers though.

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