Monday, November 10, 2008

Quick Links for the post-election news wasteland that is Nov. 10th

So after all that talk about needed to find a qualified big city replacment, the backpedaling has already begun. Our new police chief may be promoted from within. Because that's worked so well in the past. They should still at least give Robocop an interview. Also, thanks for letting us know we're not an attractive city. We already knew that, but saying we're less attractive than Tracy? That's just mean and uncalled for.

Speaking of mean and uncalled for, are you fucking kidding us San Joaquin County Superior Court? You really can't make one little concession for a little basic religious freedom? This is really the first time something like this has come up? If Hulk Hogan can get away with wearing his trademark bandana at his son's trial (which did happen btw) then this guy should be able to wear his turban. We've heard of prisoners hanging themselves with their underwear, does that mean prisoners have to freeball it?

I tried to read Fitzy's column yesterday and it literally put me to sleep. Oh man! A pivotal part of WWII miiiiiight have been affected by something local. Fuck, I almost fell asleep just typing that. In a related note, anybody know what gets newspaper ink off the side of your face?

We're linking to this just out of principle. And no, it was not El Duke in an angry drunken rage. Deja Vu is a happy place.

And finally, boooooooo!

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