Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Quick Links for Nov. 12th

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. Busy week at that pesky actual job-type thing. Hopefully things will pick up around here as the week progresses. No promises though. But let's knock out some quick links while we got some free time.

I know we just spent the last couple months (unsuccessfully) stumping against segregation, but this plan to desgregate prisons has "bad idea" written all over it. Of course this is coming from a guy who's extent of prison experience is watching "American History X" and "Shawshank". But not "Oz". Good lord not "Oz".

Speaking of prisons, Fitzy's column about the prison medical facility that will eventually be built nearby was a fucking chore to get through. The things we do for you guys. Just don't read it. It's fucking boring and he never comes to a viable conclusion. You know what his conclusion is? We're fucked. That's what it is. We're getting that prison hospital or whatever it is whether we like it or not. Which is something we knew before we wasted 5 minutes our lives reading his dogshit column. This guy's won awards? Really?

In future news, can a campus made of mostly portable buildings be foreclosed on? Probably. So consider this us calling our shot.

Quick! Who wants to help us put together a holiday float for Tracy's tree lighting parade? We're thinking of doing a float dedicated to our favorite holiday movies, Die Hard 1 and 2. Who wants to be Fred Thompson?

This kid has to be the most retarded kid ever. Who the fuck points a fake gun at the fucking SWAT team? When they show up, that's when you set the gun down and say "just kidding guys" and hope they won't pretend to not hear your cries for help as you get gangraped in your holding cell. But I guess pretending like you've got big balls while holding a cheap plastic gun works too.

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