Monday, December 8, 2008

The post in which we test Paragary's attempt to attract the working man

As usual it's a busy Monday for the non-blog section of our lives, but since I've got a little bit of free time I figured I'd drop by for a sec in case I can't get something up later.

One of the hotter topics of discussion in recent months has been the disparity between the elite upper class and the working class citizens of this town and all across the nation. More recently this angle has been tapped by Fitzy in his "Ok, maybe I backed downtown a little too fervently" mea culpa.

After his initial plea for downtown to start trying to appeal to the working class he paired up with what became the epitome of elitism during the recent election, Paragary's. In an attempt to repair it's damaged (rightfully or not) public image, Paragary's enlisted Fitzy to find a name for it's much touted rooftop terrace. While explaining the contest concept to readers, Fitzy made sure to sprinkle in nuggets about how Paragary's is trying to appeal to the working class. So much for trying to distance himself from his downtown apologist image.

Having never actually been to Stockton's Paragary's we decided to hit it up during the aptly named Cold Pub Crawl this weekend (more on that whole experience later). Now, we all fully admit to being six sheets to the wind when we walked in, when one starts off the night with 4 Jagerbombs that tends to happen. But as soon as we walked up to the bar the bartender immediately tried to rush us over to a small corner of the restaurant away from the bar designated for crawlers. We made it about 3 steps in before the guy said "Pub crawlers over there!" in a somewhat worried and disdainful fashion. He of course pointed us to the shitty half-bar that had their drink special of hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps called a Peppermint Patty. It was the worst drink special out of all the bars on the pub crawl. The message was clear to us, our kind isn't welcome at Paragary's. God forbid we want to spend a night of drinking at the actual bar. So much for trying to appeal to the working class. We'll be sure to bring out Monopoly Man monocles next time.

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