Friday, December 19, 2008

Quick Links for Dec. 19

Stockton PD finally released some more information about the Melecio Arquines shooting. Unfortunately it's not the information that matters. SPD didn't release whether or not Officer Hernandez identified himself as a police officer or told Arquines to drop his weapon, but they did tell us that Arquines had his laser sight on and pointed at Hernandez. While that does help shed some light on Hernandez' decision to fire, the article also notes that PD's recollection of the event suggests there was enough time for Hernandez to identify himself as an officer. Fishiness I all over the place in this story as the lawyer for the Arquines family also notes that it would have been extremely difficult for the laser sight to work through the screen door. (The debate as to whether or not he walked outside is somewhat covered here in the Recordnet Crime Blog) So instead of clearing up the situation by releasing more information, they made it even cloudier. Thanks Stockton PD.

We urge you to check out page B2 of the Record today to see the city's plans to alleviate the parking situation in downtown Stockton. We'd link to it, but putting the map and details on the Record's website would violate's pact of not relaying any important/interesting information.

Fitzy's column today is a semi-interesting look at how City Council votes should go in regards to growth issues. Long story short, it's split with about half being pro-growth and half being slow-growth. Of course, in the same column he says that in certain situations, the pro-growth Dale Fritchen might become slow-growth. Then Clem Lee says he can only see the obvious divide in some of the council, not all of it. So pretty much the only thing Fitzy accomplishes is noting that the District 1 seat may be a swing vote in certain situations. Somehow he stretched that out to and entire column. Hoooorayy filler.

And finally, something my brother pointed out to me, the Urban Dictionary definition of Stockton. Kind of makes you swell with civic pride don't it?

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