Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Quick Links for Dec. 4th 2nd (oops)

We can really only start off this edition of the quick links with one article. What the fuck Tracy? Slave boy from Sac? Really? We're a site that chronicles the ridiculous things that happen in San Joaquin County, but that's a bit much. They had him shackled in their home for what appears to be a while and nobody noticed? I was skeptical of this story when I first read it but it looks like it's true as they're now looking for the kid's aunt and his captors are being held on $1.2 mil bail. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say meth was somehow involved.

The next chapter in the Delta flea market/ASBG scandal plays out live tonight! Actually it'll probably be a bunch of bitching by ASBG that everyone's out to get them (just like real government! Shouldn't have ran for office if you couldn't stand the unending media scrutiny kids.), then trustees will say "tough shit" because...wait, that makes too much sense considering we're talking about a group that collectively has the common sense of Al Davis. So in response the trustees will probably agree and hand the ASBG President a cashier's check for the remaining amount of the Measure L funds while declaring themselves the kings and queens of Delta until the end of time while Raul Rodriguez laughs maniacally. By the way, the fact that the Delta cops handled this whole investigation is just adorable. Look at them getting their investigation on as if they were real cops. We're not at all surprised it took them 5 years since we knew about ASBG's monetary abuses to finally figure it out themselves.

If we can't trust drug dealers named "Sack", then who the hell can we trust? I feel bad for the victim, all the guy wants to do is smoke a little herb and he gets shot. Then he's gotta go tell the cops he got shot buying weed, and then he's gotta go to the hospital to get his wounds treated. You know how long that guy probably had to wait to get his burn on? Forfuckingever. This is why I have the rule of only purchasing shit from people with real names and not somebody who says "Call me Snoopy, and this is my associate Woodstock." I know, I'm being nitpicky, but this is California. Californians shouldn't be getting shot at during pot deals. That's what coke and meth are for. (Oh wait, we've already penciled in meth as the illegal teenage slave trade drug) People should not be getting shot at for something they have special stores for. Even if the nearest store is an hour away (coughhintathowtosolveproblemcough).

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