Thursday, December 11, 2008

Quick Links for Dec. 11th

And we've reached the "my child could never have participated in such a thing" part of the ongoing Teen Slave news cycle. With the gag order in place we can't really see how they can stretch it out any longer. Eventually they'll run out of ways to rearrange non-information. The parent interview was the logical next step. Of course next they'll interview his neighbor and they'll also be shocked (which, if you haven't been paying attention, is the proper emotion we're supposed to feel about this situation). The chances of that neighbor also being arrested and stretching this story into the new year is about 50-50.

While we're on the subject of Tracy, Duke was in the land of dry beans last weekend and says that the Great Plate is closed for renovations...again. Last time they renovated it was to make a few changes due to the economy. Now? They're adding a second floor club called the Boardrock. At least they're keeping with the lame beach theme I guess. No word on whether or not they fashioned the discarded Hawaiian bouncer shirts into curtains for the new place.

But enough of Tracy, what's happening in good ol' Stockton? Well, the police continue to make their case for that raise they've been bitching about. This time they shot a guy for trying to protect his own property. We touched on this briefly yesterday but didn't want to pick sides until more of the story came out. But just the reaction of the brother alone (he said he was reserving judgement as to who was at fault until all the details come out) makes us want to side with the guy who got shot. This is one of those rare instances where waving a gun at police isn't a cut-and-dry bad idea because there's a good chance he didn't know they were cops. If I lived in south Stockton and heard a ruckus in my backyard, I'd bust out my gun too. SPD hasn't said whether or not they asked Melecio Arquines to drop the weapon, which is such an easy to get, non-investigation compromising detail that it leads us to believe an itchy trigger finger was to blame. Gotta love innocent people getting shot by the people who are supposed to protect them. When you fail this miserably at your job shouldn't you be legally prevented from even asking about a raise?

Today's that Plea for Peace Center hearing, so if you're able to look respectable since you'll be representing the art community as a whole (or at least our definition of the art community) feel free to show up to City Hall before 6.

And while we're talking about art, do you remember those random stickers of a guy who's neck was so huge and deformed that it looked like an extension of his face? Well, that was the work of a former Stockton resident and Tokay High grad who goes by Neckface. And apparently he's a famous hipster artist now. Duke stumbled upon this while checking Gawker (everybody point and laugh real quick) and sent me the message "putting stickers up is art now? Fuck, I though we had a broad definition". Yes, apparently the scruffy looking skater known as Alex has moved on to the big city (or 4 big cities if we're to believe his Wikipedia entry) and doesn't show anybody his face...or something. Either way, it's a great example of Stockton's artistic potential. See old folks, young people can do art too.

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