Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A special Shit to do for New Year's Eve (but let's face it, you made plans 2 weeks ago)

Huh? You want me to do what? Fuck you Slick, it's Wednesday. Shit ain't even sexy today. Have you seen the ridiculous fucking cover charges going around tonight? $50(!?) to drink at what's essentially the Great Plate? Fuck, even Fat's is charging $15 to get in. Envy's charging $25-$40, but that place is for douchebags anyways. Way to rub in the fact that I can't afford to go out and drink so I'll be alone in my apt tackling a 30-pack of Coors while drunkenly watching the South Park marathon and wondering how many beers I'd have to have in me before I'd nail Kyle's mom. Ok, fine. Here's shit to do tonight with only a little help from the corpse of (which, you know, is still around for at least another month).

The James Blonde Band and the Great Oglee Moglee Blues Band play the Matinee tonight for their party at 9pm. $10

The aforementioned Fat's is having their party at 9 tonight as well. I'm not sure who's playing, but rumor going around is they actually have a DJ tonight instead of lame ass Latin Magic Band. $15 solo/$25 couple

And of course, the coolest place to celebrate the new year ever the Comic Grapevine is doing something at 7. I wouldn't be caught dead there but if tentacle rape is your idea of a good New Year's celebration then have at it. $5

And of course there's always every bar ever. For you Lodi folks, Gary's Lounge seems to be the cool place of note as of late. I lost my rotating schedule of which bar is considered cool during certain times of the year, but I believe Stooges will get it's 3 month "cool" run next. Or at least I really hope so. Happy New Year bitches. This next beer's for you.

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