Thursday, December 18, 2008

Quick Links for Dec. 18th

Fuck it, let's just dive right in.

Taking a page out of the Lodi City Council's book, the new Delta Board of Trustees decided to hold a marathon meeting of their own. They held a six-hour meeting on Tuesday, the first for the newly elected board. What did they do for 6 hours? They played catch up! They spent 6 hours asking questions about stuff they probably should have already known about. Like the history of Measure L spending. Which is something I know by just driving by Delta every once in a while. Seriously, what did they say? "Well first we decided to buy this land in Mountain House. Then we got buyer's remorse. Then while dealing with that, we decided to buy fancy electric signs and flat screens that just show a lame powerpoint presentation. Oh, and a field. Yes, and an Olympic sized track. Then we realized we're out of money." There, done. That took them a hour and a half of the 6 hour meeting?

For those of you who haven't already conditioned yourself to be extra careful driving during the holidays, there's a friendly reminder in today's Record about cops stepping up drunk driving enforcement. They even tell us where they'll be and when, which is strangely informative for the Record. Although it could be just a smoke screen because the days listed seem like random ass days, and don't even include the gimmie date of the 31st.

Remember folks, south Stockton isn't dangerous enough to alone warrant owning a gun.

Not that north Stockton seems to be any safer lately. Last week a group of armed men shot and killed a guy to get to the cache of Mary Jane in the house. Why are people getting killed over pot? It's borderline fucking legal! The cops even left 8 ounces of the remaining 6 pounds of cheeva because it was technically medicinal! Aren't robberies supposed to happen with real drugs? Was one of the guys named "Sack"? And we feel bad for Christian Burkin, who presumably was the guy who had to go to the house to ask about the deceased's registered sex offender status. Which had to have been ridiculously awkward.

Speaking of ridiculously awkward, it had to be fairly awkward when the Lexington Plaza Waterfront Hotel Bar & Grill & Gas 'N Go celebrated their first year open for business. Especially when Regent owner John Thomas took to the stage to speak. But of course that cloud of awkwardness lifted when soon-to-be Mayor and possible goat Ann Johnston took to the stage and channeled her inner John Belushi. No, she didn't chug an entire bottle of Jack. She did declare the hotel and the party "fabulous". And noted that they're "all going to come down and party a lot." Sound like my kind of city council. By the way, what kind of fucking party has their own cigar roller? No really. That's a profession? Where the hell was the rolling papers section of the career fair when I was in high school?

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