Friday, December 12, 2008

Shit to do for the weekend of Dec. 12th

Before we get started, a hearty "fuck you" is in order for whoever decided to throw up the hijack/roadblock ads at I don't want to have to see the generic flyer for the gay poetry thing in Modesto. It's fucking annoying.

Sexy Friday 12/12

(Update: Oh well fuck me. I completly forgot about something.)
Middagh Goodwin's birthday Party. Plea for Peace Center 630 E Weber. Shit starts at 7. Mike Park will be there, so will Jesse Michaels, Kevin Seconds, and the Outlaw Dance Society getting their acoustic on. $10

Del Scorpion and the Stingers play the Blackwater tonight at 8. I've never herd of them but it's either this or detriment to comedy George Lopez. And anything's better than George Lopez. (Did you know Mexicans are craaaaazy? Especially old Mexicans! Man, they're so different.) Plus the Blackwater show is 18+ so you won't have to deal with those annoying high school kids who think Screamo is the best genre ever. $10

Saturday 12/13

On Saturday Rocky Ramirez and the Stockton Royale feat. Icarus Jones are also playing the Blackwater at 9. This is one of those low key food bank benefits that we actually enjoy. Mostly because it's not a story that get's reprinted in the Record every 6 seconds. Note to struggling charities, this is how you get people to help out. Not multiple sob stories that get tuned out because they've been running since October. $3 or canned food.

Ed and the Educators are playing at Fats Saturday at 9 with Lita Hope and Reel. When I first heard about this show I was really hoping "Reel" was Real from VH1 guilty pleasures "I Love New York" and "Real Chance at Love" but it appears there will be no Stallionaires in Stockton this weekend. Which is disappointing. Ed and the Educators kick ass though. $5

Sunday 12/14

Football-wise the Niners play the Dolphins in what should be a good game if the Niners continue playing decently. The Raiders will take on another AFC East team when the Pats come to town on Sunday. With all the injuries that Pats have been piling up they're just 14 or 15 more key injuries away from being as bad as the Raiders. One of those key injuries is Bob Kraft magically aging 35 years and firing Bellichick after he won't trade in the hooded sweatshirt for a cheesy track suit.

That should be it from us for the week unless something earth shattering happens over the weekend. See you all Monday, and have a boneriffic Sexy Friday.

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