Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Quick Links for Dec. 10th

God damn this Teen Slave story has got some legs to it. (Insert your own baseball bat to kneecaps joke here) Now a mysterious 4th suspect has been arrested in connection to the case. We say mysterious because of the gag order that prevents any information about the guy to come out. Although the Tracy Press is reporting he lived next door to the Schumachers and even gave an interview last week in which he admitted occasionally talking to Lau and expressed shock at what had happened just next door. Well, now he's arrested and the cops confiscated his computer so apparently he wasn't too shocked.

So this wasn't a case of deja vu but more a case of the city council actually ratifying it. Of course stuck in the middle of all of this is the fact that Stockton might be getting a third Wal-Mart, which is just 18 different kinds of unneeded. There's fucking Target right there, use that assclowns.

We were wondering what they were going to do with the old courthouse when we heard about their plans to build a 12-story courthouse by 2013 and now we know. A plaza and more parking! Because what we really need downtown is more open space that will serve no real purpose at night because everyone's deathly afraid of downtown at night. But hey, parking.

Well, Fitzy's "name the already name roof of the Hotel Stockton" contest is over and as we predicted, it's a cheesy, painfully obvious name. They even added the extra wrinkle of making it so confusing that people will probably still have to say "You know, the roof of the old Hotel Stockton" afterwards. The winner "Top of the Town", a name that would make perfect sense if it actually was the highest point in the city. Our late entry of "Douchebag Central" after our Pub Crawl experience didn't make it which is disappointing. Oh, and Shawn Bennett needs to get a life.

After last nights throttling of the Lakers I think Duke can finally rest easy that John Whisenant isn't going to make an appearance on the Kings bench this season. Francisco Garcia and John Salmons shut down Kobe Bryant about as much as you can shut down Kobe Bryant. Again, please remember this is going to be a long season because there's going to be long stretches where the team loses 8 games then beats a team it shouldn't even compete with (the Kings even played without Kevin Martin last night). Duke said it best, this season is going to be filled with lows as low as Kenny Thomas' self-esteem and highs as high as Brad Miller on 4/20. Just get used to it.

Is it just us, or is this just a smidge conflict of interesty? We're not saying a new firehouse isn't needed down south, we're just saying purchasing the land from a former city council member is kind of fishy. Any word on if Snoop Dogg is going to perform at the opening of the firehouse?

So Stockton PD chases a car all over, chases suspects on foot, catches one of them in someone's yard, then shoots a random guy with a gun in a south Stockton garage. Oh, and they somehow let one of the chasees get away. Damn, get those guys their raise Stockton! How could you be so mean?

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