Monday, December 22, 2008

Quick Links for Dec. 22nd (aka. not Christmas yet)

Considering the fact that this week should be a news wasteland, I wouldn't expect much out of us this week. Yes we're lazy fuckers. No, we didn't forget about Real Stocktonian of the Year. Let's see what blood we can squeeze from the newsless stone that was this weekend.

Just how slow a weekend was it? Let's pull back the curtain a sec. When we do the quickl links, unless we stumble upon something while surfing the web (aka, looking up porn) or have the link e-mailed to us by a tipster (which usually isn't very fucking likely), we get links from this page. It's easily the most convienient page on all of It lists the various news stories from the Record in chronilogical order and lists all of Record blogs right there. One of the downfalls of this page is that you can't go further back than the front page. So once the stories from the next day bump the previous day's stories, you have to use a search engine to find it. In other words that story is hopelessly lost forever. At most the oldest story usually listed is the web-updates from the previous day telling you to read the full details in that day's Record. Today? You can go back to Saturday. Nothing fucking happened this weekend.

Oh wait, I know what happened. St. Mary's Rams football happened! Are you excited!? No? Congrats, you're just like the rest of Stockton that doesn't give a shit about those spoiled assholes. St. Mary's had to overcome so much adversity to be successful. Being the only high school in the area allowed to recruit athletes really makes it tough on them. In conclusion, high school sports don't matter. Especially when it's some prissy private school.

In news we actually care about, Mike Klocke announce in his column Sunday that the economy's so bad that instead of having local reporters, he wants the citizens of Stockton report the news for him! That's right, instead of paying people to report the boring shit noone reads anyways (i.e. Church activities, new business openings, service club functions), he wants the community to report on...well, the community. That has to be some sort of conflict of interest. You can also cover concerts and festivals. Sound familiar? That's because concert coverage kind of sounds like that whole 209Vibe thing the Record killed last week (but is still open for another month). Ian Hill's even in charge of the whole thing. Yes, that's right. Ian Hill has apparently gone from the editor of his own alt-monthly newspaper to web content moderator. Poor guy. Editing all that user generated content that, if the Recordnet forums are any indication, should be dripping with casual racism. Wait a minute. Where have I heard and user-generated content together before? Hmmmmmm... Oh hey! I remember, it was number 5 on our Top 5 thing needs to do (A list we may revisit soon)! That's becoming a rather prophetic post isn't it? Linkbacks happened shortly after that post. Now there's UGC. One of these days we hope their search engine will do something besides want to make us slit our wrists. Mostly because if we did kill ourselves nobody would be able to search and find the story baout our grizzly deaths. Maybe some citzen journalist can report on it.

And finally, remember those furloughs? Instead of doleing them out on a case-by-case basis based on need, the city just imposed them for everbody working for the city. Blatantly ignoring that doing so with the 911 dispatchers would actually cost the city more money. Surprised? Yeah, me neither. Although they're hiring apparently. Making them the only place in all of Stockton with job openings.

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