Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Kings Kolumn: In which I suggest replacing a horrible idea with a slightly less horrible idea

Oh hey, I'm supposed to have a sports column on here aren't I? I haven't read Bob Highfill's column today,but I'm going out on a limb and saying it sucks. Speaking of sucking, that brings me to the topic of this week's Kings Kolumn...

Ailene Voisin can go suck a fat dick

Last week Sac Bee columnist Ailene Voisin penned a column that suggested the best way to save Reggie Theus' job is for the team to take on former Monarchs coach John Whisenant as an assistant coach. She was 15 different types of wrong, but if you tell her that, she'd probably just say you're being sexist. It's the great catchall of the WNBA, if you say anything negative about it you're labeled a misogynist. Trust me, I know. But if the WNBA ever wants to be truly accepted they have to realize that they're game is going to be held in equal standard with the men's game, and that's where the WNBA truly fails. There is no comparison.

Voisin opines that adding the Whis would help the Kings because he was a defensive guru for the Monarchs. And that's just the point, it's the fucking Monarchs. It's way easier to develop a game plan to shut down Diana Taurasi or the corpse of Lisa Lesile than it is to develop a defensive strategy for the likes of Chris Paul and Dwight Howard. Fuck, I'm pretty sure I could come up with a defensive scheme to shut down Lisa Lesile. You don't even have to guard down low. What the fuck are they going to do? Dunk it?

That's not a sexist statement, that's a realist statement. The disparity between the two leagues is too great and anybody with even a little bit of basketball knowledge knows this. Which is another reason Whis shouldn't get a shot, he would be the least respected coach in the NBA. And that would still be true even if PJ Carlesimo was still around. Ignoring the fact that Reggie Theus would try and undermine him at every turn because if by the grace of God the team shows marked improvement under Whis then Reg is still out of a job, there's a precedent. The Nuggets brought in Michael Cooper to coach the fledgling Nuggets in 2005. He was the first coach to make the jump from the W and was a former player to boot. As an interim coach he went 4-10 and was replaced mid-season by current Nuggets coach George Karl. Do you know how often a interim coach gets replaced mid-season? Almost never, it's the interim coach's job to suck and eat up all those losses on their record that the guy they plan on hiring during the offseason doesn't want affecting his lifetime win percentage. Again, this guy was a former championship player in the NBA, and lost the respect of all of his players by just being a former WNBA coach. And people are trying to position Whis as the savior?

Perhaps most damning of all is the subject brought up by Sactown Royalty's Tom Ziller, we've already been down the Whisenant road before. When the Kings fired Adelman (or if you're the Maloof bros. "Just didn't renew his contract") the Maloofs pushed for his replacement to be Whisenant. Geoff Petrie, the man responsible for all those successful teams we love and are nostalgic for, was so vehemently against the idea that he pushed for the team to sign Eric "no really officer, I swear I'm of legal drinking age" Musselman instead. If ever there was a sign as to how little respect the WNBA has in NBA circles, it's the fact that one of the smartest GMs in the league hated the idea of having a WNBA coach so much that he pushed for a guy who was replaced in Golden State by Mike Montgomery.

Is it wrong? Maybe just a little, everybody deserves a chance. John Whisenant just doesn't deserve this chance. His presence, even just as an assistant would undermine the entire coaching staff and would absolutely kill any shred of team chemistry that we have left. Yes, the Kings need help defensively, but Whis isn't the man to help us. So who is? (Watch as I destroy any shred of credibility I have!) The man Theus replaced, Eric Musselman.

If the Kings were to hire Muss as an assistant (and I hear he's available), he could bring that defensive mind of his back to the team and not be distracted with developing that pesky offense (which when Muss was head coach meant Ron hucking up prayer threes for half the game). Taking the pressure of being a head coach off of Muss's tiny, childlike frame would possibly rejuvenate his currently dying career. Plus he may have already earned back the respect of players everywhere by tagging sideline reporter Danyelle Sargent. And perhaps best of all, nobody would be wondering when Muss was going to supplant Theus as head coach. There would be no locker room divided between Camp Theus and Camp Muss because nobody wants to see Head Coach Musselman ever again. Although, I'd still rather have Coach Muss than Coach Whis.

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