Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Breaking News: The Record to eliminate 209Vibe, castrate Ian Hill

(Update and bump to the top because fuck it, this is end of the day news: If you didn't believe us before, Ian Hill made the official announcement on 209Vibe.com about an hour ago.)

We don't get to much actual news to break to you guys but when we do, it's usually a doozie. And this is one hell of a doozie.

Effective after next month 209Vibe is no more. Everything. 209Vibe.com, the print edition, even Ian Hill is being moved from LENS to the newsroom.

We should probably note that this isn't based on rumor, it's been confirmed by a couple of sources. The Record is blaming that wonderful catchall the economy. Which is kind of hard to swallow considering we know from personal experience it costs jack shit to maintain a website.

We'll try and get more information when we can, but we can't state enough how much of a blow this is to the local arts scene that just caught a huge break with the Plea for Peace Center.

Leave it to the Record to eliminate their best feature. Fuck.

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