Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Quick Links for Dec. 23rd (aka Festivus!)

Happy Festivus everybody. On with the traditional airing of grievances. (Which you may or may not choose to read in the voice of Frank Costanza)

Chavez! Yeah you, I got a problem with the way you're just cutting and running. You're making a clean break and heading down to SoCal and are refusing to comment on your successors. You act like you don't want anything to do with this city anymore. Quit openly pining for retirement while still in office. We get it, you're going to golf a lot. The rest of us still have to deal with the shit you promised to deal with before you decided "fuck it" and didn't seek reelection. Not that we blame you for taking off. We'd probably do the same thing. Just quit rubbing it in our faces. And while we're at it...

City of Stockton! What's your problem? You can't put up what equates to 8 more street lamps? We know the budget is thin but how much electricity can 8 more lights use? How about you eliminate furloughs for 911 dispatchers so they don't cost the city more money through overtime, then put that money towards lighting a tree and 8 light bulbs for a week? And no Festivus pole? That thing uses zero electricity. You don't even need to find tinsel! We demand a Festivus pole be erected next year or we're going to the Record too. Speaking of...

Record! Quit printing these God damn charity stories. We fucking get it, it's a giving time! It's the same story every day. More people than ever are struggling financially and are turning to charities for assistance. Thanks for finding more patronizing ways to tell us the economy sucks. It's not painfully obvious and creeping into every facet of our lives or anything.

El Guapo! What the fuck man? Last week you claim 209Vibe and now this week you claim yet another ECHL team in the Fresno Falcons. Granted it's minor league minor league hockey, but still. This fucks up the Thunder's schedule and apparently will eliminate a lot of the Thunder's weekend games.
All right, who's ready for the feats of strength?

By the way, happy 200th post to us. That's a ridiculous amount of writing for just under 6 months.

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