Friday, December 19, 2008

Shit to do for the weekend of Dec. 19th-21st

Wow, there really isn't that much shit to do this weekend. I would blame the announced closure of 209Vibe but A. The only places where it's been mentioned is on the 209Vibe website and by us (seriously, I told a local artist about it today and he had a shocked look on his face. Way to report the news Record). And B. They're still kicking ass and taking names anyways. Somebody sounds a little fired up don't they? Let's pick the bones of 209Vibe while we can to link to the few shows that are going on. I have no idea how we're going to do the shit to do after it's gone.

Sexy Friday 12/19

Fuck, nothing's going on on Sexy Friday. Ummm, here, go see "Universal" at Chitivas at 9. I have no idea what the hell it is and reading the description just confuses me even more. Apparently it's a joint party with the Waterfront (old Boiler Room) and Chitiva's. Apparently the new owners of the old Boiler Room's space don't openly loathe Chitiva's as much as the Boiler Room's owners did. So hey, unity. $10

Saturday 12/20

There's an acoustic show at the Beach Hut Deli featuring the 209 All Stars at 8. One of them is apparently FunkyTim. Yeah, like I said, jack and shit is going on this weekend. But hey, Beach Hut Deli is bad ass and the show's free.

Sunday 12/21

Nothing's even going on in the world of football as the Niners take on the Rams and the Raiders play the Texans in two games that I pray to God are blacked out so I can watch the potential playoff matchups that are happening this weekend. But unfortunately they probably won't be blacked out so feel free to head on down to the Blackwater at 2:30 for the Plea For Peace "Benefit for Peace" show. Performing will be Icarus Jones, Neglected, These Walking Giants, The Buboniks, The Stouts, Ready the Jets, Brian Hanover, Alitak, Filbert, Middagh, and Andrew Hemans. Fuck, that's a packed show and well worth the price of admission for $10. Plus it's for a good cause, renovations for the Plea for Peace Center. I was at their first show last week and God damn that place needs a lot of work. So go. Plus I saw Mike from Alitak (he's the one who kind of looks like a Mexican Dewey Cox when he was on LSD) at that show and he told me how much more bad ass Alitak is since the last time I saw them. So again, fucking go. $10

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