Friday, February 6, 2009

Even Manteca recognizes the drawing power of Oscar nominated movies!

Today's LENS section features a review of The Wrestler. Why would the Record print a review for a movie we can't see...holy shit! Manteca's playing it! (Modesto's Brenden Theater is playing it too.) And with the added hilarity of a 4:20 start time! Sure, it's not in Stockton, but it's a start. Arthouse flicks are slowly making their way to SJ County. (Quick Sidenote: Film Festivals do not count. We want the normal movie theaters to play shit. Mostly because we don't want to have to sit through 4 other shitty passion projects. We just want to see the Oscar nominated movies that Stockton doesn't see fit to play. Go peddle your pet project to myRecord. That's what it's there for.)

As far as the review goes, mine was better. Mostly because I understood Darren Aronofsky told a truthful story. One of my fears when watching the movie was that non-wrestling fans would think Aronofsky over-dramatized shit to make for a good movie. He did not. Necrobutcher (The Ram's staple gun wielding opponent in a hardcore match) does that shit every night. That movie was an accurate slice of a washed up pro wrestler's life. And now we can watch it just 20 mins away. Fucking sweet. Who wants to go see Marissa Tomei's tits with me? It's better than your options in Stockton. Unless you really want to see He's Just Not That Into You or Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

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