Friday, February 6, 2009

Shit to do for the weekend of 2/6-2/8

Sexy Friday 2/6

The Magnolia District, Knock on Wood, and the Mumblers are playing a free show at the Blackwater tonight at 8. I haven't heard of any of these bands and this is apparently Knock on Wood's first show, but it's free. So hey, affordable entertainment for some of Stockton's freshly laid off finest. Free

Of course that show contradicts this show on Ian Hill's MySpace that says it's Snap Jackson and the Knock on Wood Players and it costs $3. So you know, beware. $3

Alitak, City Psychology, and Origami Ghost play the Queen Bean Coffee House in Modesto tonight at 7. The show's free provided that you actually buy something. Come on, this is a coffee house, not a library. As always, Alitak kicks ass. Freeish

Saturday 2/7

Yeah, nothing's going on Saturday. Just weaksauce comedy shows. Unless you want to help me decipher whatever the hell this is supposed to be. Might I suggest going to see The Wrestler in Manteca?

Sunday 2/8

Of course Sunday was meant to watch the Pro Bo... Ok, sorry, I couldn't finish that sentence without laughing uncontrollably. Origami Ghost, St. Pierre, and Save Our Ship are playing the Plea For Peace Center on Sunday at 6. Which leaves just enough time to catch every band before bedtime. Tell Middagh we said "What's crackin'" $5/$7 (Yeah, I'm confused too)

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