Friday, February 27, 2009

Shit to do for 2/27-3/1

TGISF. I'm pretty busy so this will be quick again. Sorry, I know you guys really like my commentary on bands I've never heard of.

Sexy Friday 2/27

The Great Oglee Moogle Blues Band plays tonight at 9 at the Matinee. $5

Saturday 2/28

Fuck, you try and decipher this. I'm only able to tell that the Plea for Peace Center will be putting on a Ska show (I know, surprising) at 7:30 on Saturday. $8/$10

Sunday 3/1

And for you mandatory Blackwater show we have The Black Horde, the Lobstrosities, and the Outlaw Dance Society playing and afternoon show at 2:30. $10

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