Friday, February 27, 2009

Who do I just feel there is more to this?

I know this broke a few weeks ago, and when it did it reeked of foul play, cover up, and whatever else you can throw into it.  But in the end we still have the same result of a girl dying due to drug overdose.  Oxycodone, Valium and Xanax?  And thats just the preliminary findings.  Now I'm sure this is going to have more coming, but here's what we know so far:

1.  It involved high school kids, booze, and illicit drugs.
2.  Someone died.

With most of the participants being in high school and underage a lot of this is being played close to the vest.  Understandable, yes.  But, and here is the big but, (hehe) someone needs to teach or remind the kids weed is still available.  Those kids of prescription drugs are and should be used on the women I'm picking up at the bars, not high schoolers.  Somewhere they totally jumped the gun and got into prescription drugs hot and heavy.  Gross.  Weed gives munchies  and a lazy attitude.  

It still stinks of more to come. 


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