Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Quick Links for Feb 11th

Do do do do , do do , do do . Do do do do , do do do . Can't touch this. Do do do do , do do , do do . Do do do do ... Stop! Quick Links time!

Why does this look so familiar?

Oh hey, because it's basically my "Potentially Miserable" post from yesterday. Complete with all the hope and Stockton being tough speak! I'd be mad they totally lifted my idea but anybody at the Record who supports our notion that this town is full of tough motherfuckers who won't quit is ok with me. Slowly but surely we're developing that fighter reputation. Next thing you know we'll start reading editorials about how we can and will defeat El Guapo. And that's when we'll start asking for consultant fees.

We gotta find this kid immediately to give him his "Luckiest boy in America" medal

Details are scarce since this story is still developing. So we only really have once thing to say. Niiiice. (Note: We reserve the right to rescind this "Niiice" if the teacher ends up being some fat hosebeast.)

This is how a blog is supposed to compliment a print story Fitzy. Not cut and paste jobs

We've made it no secret that we think David Siders is 50 types of awesome. His blog is a big reason why. Aside from linking to us, his awesomeness is derived from the fact that his blog is actually informative while others seem to use their Record blogs to push their stupid pet issues.

Today's example in excellence comes in the form of recounting the events of the city's influential budget and finance committee (Note: Whenever referencing the budget and finance committee or committee chair Dale Fritchen you must note how influential the committee is). The blog post offers insight to the subtle nuances of the meeting that didn't make it into the story for probable bias reasons. Not that we're saying Siders is biased, it's just that he can't include his own opinion/observations in his stories. But blogs are fair game! Isn't journalism awesome? So long story short, highly recommended blog.

Hey! That guy looks familiar

Fuck, Siders is on a roll today. It's former City Manager Mark Lewis! You may remember him from such debacles as the Arena! And the ballpark! And for liking "Sweet Caroline" just a smidge too much (personally, I think "America" is better). Well, now he's following in Steve Pinkerton's footsteps and pitching the same ideas that failed miserably in Stockton to other cities! We look forward to the venue's opening night concert featuring Boz Scaggs. And to think I thought the recession was going to mean the end of publicly funded arenas/stadiums.

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