Friday, February 13, 2009

Lodi Unified Called Failure, District Execs Laugh into their Six Figure Salaries

This battle has been hilarious to watch, and now its only getting nastier.  School districts are desperate to cut major budget gaps, but Lodi School Districts $20 million budget gap is just incredible to watch.  Its not a small school district, but its not large either.  

I like to point to having people in charge who think like this.  If you are talking about costing people jobs, shutting down schools, and moving kids to a new school, dont you think you should do the math on the back end, on, I dont know, the cost incurred by the new school to house more students?  

So we've established that people in the position to spend the money are total morons.  But where is the rest going? A Hoosiers replay?  Fat-Catting?  Hiring to help hiring?  The sheer stupid is just mind boggling.  And in the end, everyone gets screwed.  Dumber kids make dumber adults.  Expecting someone to take on additional workload with no compensation pisses off employees.  And handing out these decisions while making $8000 a month from your cushy office makes people want to riot.  

Quit playing out this soap opera in front of me.  If you cant handle money for a school district, you need to back away from the table.

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