Monday, February 9, 2009

Quick Links for Feb 9th

Don't worry, it's not just the misinformed ramblings of pissed off internet commenters today. We just hope that post distracts from the fact that jack shit happened over the weekend. Friday news dumps only work when other, bigger shit happens to overshadow it. And I'll be damned if nothing happened. Oh sure, the Record tweaked it's website a bit. Once we figure out all of what they did we'll tell you it sucks or something. By until then, let's try some Quick Links.

Downtown revitalization set to happen any day now

We could pile on here, so we will. Could somebody please tell us how much longer IFG's contract runs? We'd love to start a countdown clock. The eventual goal being competent booking by 2030! Ok, it's too easy to pile on. Look, the Arena's never going to be a straight up cash cow. The benefit of the Arena is that it gets people downtown whereas before the only way you were getting me downtown involved chains and horses, or a jury summons. It's about getting people downtown and spending money at other downtown businesses. So while it's fun to laugh at the money the Arena has lost, we have to remember that's it's all about how many people come to games. Oh, we're still fucked. Nevermind.

Man unsuccessfully tries to spend as much time away from wife as possible

(Note: We would have loved to have linked to this story, because it's pretty bad. But it's not on the Record's site, at all. Google site searches for both the headline and the lede bring up jack shit.)

There are multiple things wrong with this article. So the fact that it was written by Bob Highfill should come as no surprise. Let's see what we can spot a fairly easily one to pick on. Oh, I know! That convenient calendar on the back page. Highfill claims that "Stockton's Super Fan" Bill Robertson has 20 out of the 28 days of this month filled with events. The first day (the first fucking day!) reads "Alameda Antique Show 9am Super Bowl 3:30pm". Barring a last second cross-country flight to Tampa, how is this a live sporting event? The calendar is titled "Live sporting event schedule for Bill Robertson" after all. The Alameda Antique Show is not a sporting event. Hell, it's not even in fucking Stockton! Do we really need to know this guy's antiquing schedule? It's not like his Feb. 7th entry is any more impressive because he was at the De Anza Flea Market before going to watch women's basketball. Does that mean I get to count my trips to the Natomas Hooters before Kings games as a separate event because I like to stare at tits and drink beer? I haven't seen stats this padded since Barry Bonds.

Don Blount not only sees lines, he sees between them!

Oh hey, it's Monday! Which means the new "Shit Don Blount Saw" came out! In this one he sees an unemployment line! Or a job applicant line! Or...some sort of line, he never really specifies. He also put down Parade magazine long enough to see unemployment statistics. Have you seen these unemployment figures? OMG, I think something might be really wrong with the economy! People are applying for not one, but two jobs! Imagine that! That has to be something new! Luckily, this whole economy thing hasn't reached newspapers, right? Fuck.

Alright, see you guys tomorrow.

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