Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Is it OK to crush high school and college athletes?

The Record sports section can be at times humorous, like calling a team by the wrong name.  

The Record sports can make a good call.

But one thing I've always taken issue with is crushing non-pro athletes.  

Yes Pacific lost a bad game to a bad team while getting outplayed.  But to say "no one has the guts to take responsibility and say enough is enough," is a personal shot at everyone in the Pacific basketball organization.

But it doesn't stop there.  The whole article is a shot tearing this team to shreds.  And thats garbage.  

Bob, lets take a step back to when you were in college.  What was on your plate?  Next party?  Getting laid?  Wild class schedule and workload?  Working to support yourself?  

Now, lets take a look at Bob the professional.  Bullet point column involving very broad generalizations?  A BS semi-recap of the game and your viewing venue?  I hope you don't hurt yourself with that workload.

In the end, these are still kids, learning to be responsible adults and working towards a higher education.  And at Pacific, they should be applauded for their work and their 82% graduation rate for student athletes. 

If you want to rip someone to shreds, rip the Kings for re-signing Beno to a 5 year deal.  Rip someone getting paid to do their job if it doesn't meet your standards.

But for some reason I can see you in the hot seat while a college coach has a little chat with you.  

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