Thursday, October 2, 2008

Free relationship advice from Reclaiming the Title

When Steve Pinkerton broke up with Stockton in favor of our methed out cousin Manteca (using the same pickup lines no less. You said downtown revitalization was our song!), there were mixed emotions. The city decided to get wasted. The Record was wistful. Mike Fitzgerald was presumably holed up in his bedroom clutching a pint of Americone Dream in one hand and a copy of "He's Just Not That Into You" in the other with an empty bottle of Jack at the foot of his bed. We saw his departure for what it was, a guy who realized that the market was headed for a downturn and that he was going to be totally fucked if he didn't get the hell out with the quickness. How would we ever recover from being tossed aside so callously by this visionary? (We still can't believe Fitzy called him that.)

After a couple of months it appears that we're finally ready to go see what's out there and start dating again. That's right, Fitzy's on the rebound. So who is this new guy? Stephan Grossman is the new booking consultant for IFG. (Hooray consultants!) He's the new guy responsible for drawing concerts to Stockton. Sounds dreamy doesn't he? What's his credentials?

- Over course of 25+ year career, have booked, created and promoted over 2,000 events, attended by over 10million people, grossing $400million. Managed media campaigns with overall value of $100million

Damn, that's fairly impressive.

-Extensive experience opening new sports/entertainment arenas, including NHL Phoenix Coyotes' Arena (Phoenix) and NBA San Antonio Spurs' AT&T Center (San Antonio) as well as Rosemont Theater (Chicago)

Oh, fuck. Umm, so all those successful arenas had successful tenants already?

Great, we're skeptical already. Come on Fitzy, you're smarter than this. You don't want to rush into a new relationship so soon. We know you love the silver foxes, but you can't give it up right away. Sure he has experience booking around sporting events, but those sports teams were already profitable. Plus he hasn't given us any details as to how he plans to get acts that play in the Bay Area to consider us over Sac, Bakersfield, and Fresno. He just says we're in that pool. Until he shows us real commitment (he's left us before apparently) with real ideas, he should only get boob. Deal? Hey, why is your shirt on inside out? Fuck.

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