Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Quick Links for Oct. 22nd: Blogs Edition!

We've been running kind of behind on the quick links so we're throwing out a doubleshot today. But to help distinguish this post from the one directly below it, we'll make it an all blog edition. Which, in hindsight, is probably where we should have stuck that Kristy Sayles link. But oh well.

David Siders gives us an election update with the latest from Ann Johnston who tries to pin Stockton's budget woes on opponent Clem Lee. Johnston then goes on to say Lee has "said he will run a negative campaign." Which is hilarious coming from a person who's campaign has been almost entirely negative. Those two crazy kids just need to get it over with and fuck like stoned test bunnies. The sexual tension is getting to be too much. Plus Clem Lee hasn't gotten laid since the 90s.

Ian Hill gives his thoughts on the Modesto Area Music Awards from last week. Included is a warranted conflict of interest accusation against the Modesto Bee's Marijke Rowland (a name I'm not even going to attempt to pronounce) for not disclosing that she helped organize the event that she reviewed. Also, bands won shit.

Look guys! The Record's just like the Chicago Tribune! Remember that Obama endorsement guys!? 72 years! And they're not going to let you forget it for another 72 years! Man, they're so different from other papers...oh.

And it wouldn't be a quick links if we didn't link to something that should be easily solvable but for some God forsaken reason isn't. God forbid people get the medical care they need.

Oh, and Dolemitewatch continues. Don't make us contact future Stockton police chief Robocop.

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