Friday, October 17, 2008

Shit to do for the weekend of Oct. 17th-20th

Sexy Friday 10/17

Fuck, every week it seems like Sexy Friday can't get here soon enough. Tonight's fairly busy, there's a show at UOP featuring Built Like Alaska at 8 tonight. Doesn't say exactly where on campus, but one would assume it's at the not nearly as awesome as promised Lair.

While we're at UOP, might as well stick around for Midnight Madness which is at the Spanos Center at 10. Apparently the NCAA's going by Central time this year. But hey, what better way to end your Sexy Friday than by watching a skills competition between members of the women's basketball team? Who needs excitement when you got fundamentals? Free

Saturday 10/18

When I read that there was going to be a 24-hour Comic Challenege at the Comic Grapevine in Stockton, I thought it was going to be a bunch of nerds sitting around reading comics for 24 hours in some sort of read-a-thon. Luckily I was wrong, it's actually a way more interesting contest where the contestants need to make a full 24-page comic book in under 24 hours. Which is such an interesting idea that I might actually go to the Grapevine for the first time since I discovered boobs. My guess is the guy who makes the tentacle rape comic wins.

Speaking of events with names that might mislead a guy who's only half awake (I think my coffee's broken, time to start using 5-hour energy as cream), SF has some event called "Free Bird Party" going on. Not sure exactly what it is, but if there's not at least 2 15-minute guitar solos they need to rename the event, or release an actual bird from captivity.

Reggie Ginn is playing at some place called the Vinter's Cellar in good ol' Manteca at 7. In a testament to the lameness of scene kid styles, it took me about halfway through Ian Hill's artcile on 209Vibe to realize Reggie was a girl. Which totally made me feel better about thinking she was attractive. That was a confusing 10 mins or so. Free.

Sunday 10/19

Morning Glory, The Stouts, and The Black Horde play an afternoon show at the Blackwater at 2 pm. Hmmm, punk show or football? Sorry, football wins. Why? Because unlike the Blackwater, my place still serves Pabst. $8

The Niners are playing the Giants this weekend in a game they will most assuredly lose. And the Jets bring their gunslinger to Oakland to destroy the Raiders. Fuck. When's that punk show again? Can I bring my own beer? At least our games are going to be better than Lions/Texans. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't show that game in Detroit or Houston either.

Bonus Monday 10/20

International Espionage, Alitak, Andrew Hemans, and hey Manna! play the Blackwater at 7. I know from personal experience that 3 of those bands kick ass. So, you know, go. $5

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