Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Record's sports pages, so predictable that I wrote this yesterday

So the Kings/Clippers game was yesterday. The Kings lost but it's preseason so wins and losses don't really matter. All that matters is how the young nucleus of the Kings played. How did Spencer Hawes do? Jason Thompson got his first start, did he have an extra spark in his game? Let's consult the Record's coverage.

Jason Anderson, what do you got for me? A Bobby Brown (Kings edition, not New Edition) puff piece with minimal stats included? Huh. It's a nice article and all, but couldn't this soft feature have been better used to help promote the game in the days leading up to it? It's really just kind of a basic rookie story.

Oh well, let's ask Bob Highfill, he's the editor so obviously he knows that the day after a game you usually say something about what happened in the game. Or he wrote a "Stockton and Kings both excited to be here" column that also probably should have been in the paper yesterday instead of today.

What the fuck guys? I got more info about the game from the photo captions than from the two articles about the game. No mention of Kevin Martin's 27 first half points in which he only missed one(!) field goal. No mention of Spencer Hawes' defensive aewakening? Kenny Thomas got playing time for fuck's sake! Were Highfill and Anderson even at the fucking game or did Cliff Oto just show them a slideshow about it when he got back to the office?

And worst of all, if they're not going to break down the game, can't they pull a report from a wire service like usual? For those who would like one SactownRoyalty's Tom Ziller has a fantastic (as usual) write up over on his site.

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