Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quick Links for 10/14

One of the best parts about running your own website is deciding which holidays you get off. So rest assured that as proud Italian Americans (There has to be Italian in there somewhere), we spend the entire day watching Sopranos reruns yesterday in honor of Columbus day. We also may have played Wii stoned. Also to honor Columbus. Apologies for the extra day off, but we needed it. So here's a roided up version of the quick links which will probably be decidedly not quick.

Worst part of this story is at the end. "No suspects have been identified, according to the report." Pretty sure the suspect is the dumbass in the hospital with a bullet in his ass for trying to steal pumpkins at 1 am.

You can get arrested for only having guns and pot now? Did we move out of California recently and not know about it? 4 people got arrested for 3 ounces of pot, that's less than an ounce a person. That's not even a felony! We could have sworn the standard for arrest was meth or higher.

We hear Bogey's is under new ownership, so this probably doesn't bode too well for their investment. Welcome to Stockton.

Real headline for this column, "Hey! Remember when we endorsed Obama? Anybody? Hello?" Way to stretch it out another week guys.

We apparently attack our cops at a higher rate than other cities of comparable size. Two out of the past five years we've been the champ. Last year we even beat Oakland. Man, we're just overwhelmed with civic pride. Just screams "All-American City" doesn't it?

We totally understand the intended sarcasm in the 3-Minute Record's headline about Levi Johnston, but it's still a bad idea. That headline is essentially Letter to the Editor bait, and let's face it, there's been enough letters to the editor about the election lately. After November we're punching the first person who even mentions the word politics in the face.

We're linking to this only for the puntastic "Taking college by storm" line. Fuck I hate our minor league team names. Thunder is a shitty name for a minor league hockey team, let alone an NBA team.

Oh, and happy 100th post to us.

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