Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kings game less advertised than Record-sponsered Literacy Fair

I know I've been pissing and moaning about this subject for the last month or so, and even did so earlier today, but I have to throw in one more observation that I missed.

As you know, the Record's attempt at helping push this game was a photo contest and a puff piece about Francisco Garcia. That's it.

It made me think, what other events have happened in Stockton that got better coverage? Let's compare shall we?

There were at least 3 articles/columns about that lame Dancing with the Stars show featuring people of various disabilities. The Stockton Rodeo got better coverage months before it was even supposed to happen.

Oh, and then there's everybody's favorite conflict of interest, the Record-sponsered Literacy Fair. Which pretty much took over the paper during the preceding week. Next year the Maloofs should totally get the Record to sponser the game so it'll get covered.

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