Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yeah, but Von Hayes never gave America free tacos

In Bob Highfill's latest ode to Jason Bartlett (by the way, thanks for the free taco, I totally take back that "expendable" line.), he threw out there that Bartlett was only the 3rd SJ County resident that played in the World Series. We let it slide because for one, we knew he meant "native" not "resident". Not that it matters because even with that clarification he was wrong.

I'm probably the last guy who should bitch about research, but then again, I'm not the editor of a newspaper section that prints 2 original articles once every 3 days.

And we'll get to the Best of SJ County insert eventually. We're currently trying to pick up after the mess caused by the mind blowing revelation that the Mike Torres Band is allegedly the second best band in the county.

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