Friday, October 24, 2008

Shit to do for this pre-Halloween weekend

With Halloween just a week away, one would think that this would be a relativly quiet weekend. And it is...except for all the "pre"-Halloween parties going on this weekend. I'm not exactly a big Halloween guy but hey, it's an excuse to drink heavily. Not that I require an excuse to drink heavily, but it's nice to have an excuse. Let's see what shit there is to do.

Sexy Friday Oct. 24th

Before we get to the pre-parties, let's get the requisite Blackwater show out of the way. Alabaster, Self Destroyer, and Switchblade 327 are all playing at the aforementioned Blackwater at 8pm. I haven't heard of any of these bands, but I've always been partial to the name Alabaster after that King of the Hill episode where Hank inadvertantly becomes a pimp and has to put a white pimp named Alabaster (voice by Snoop Dogg) in his place. $6

The Boiler Room kicks off the Halloween festivities with their Halloween Pre-Costume Party at 9. Apparently they're expecting so many people they're spreading their costume contest over multiple days. If you want to advance to the next round of competition, you gotta show up tonight. Which is kind of weaksauce, but hey, drinking. $10

Saturday Oct 25th

Saturday features two more pre-Halloween parties, which is a testament to our claim that there's absolutly nothing else to do in Stockton besides get completly shitfaced. Why else would we stretch out this drinking holiday over a week?

But for those of you who don't feel like drinking for some unfathomable reason, you should check out the Northeast Community Center for their "Holloween" Bash. Stories in Stone, One Shot Suicide, Dark Supremacy, the Ghost of Nightingale, and Accidentally Murdered are playing at 5. Judging by the band names, I think it's safe to say your studded bracelts/dog collars are going to be some of the more conservative fashion choices that night. $5

For those of us who prefer to drink instead of sitting around and listening to depressing music, the Matinee's Pre-Halloween Monster Rock & Blues Bash is at 9 (or 8 depending on which part of that link's contents you choose to believe). Willie Hines & The Face Cards will be there along with The Great Oglee Moglee Blues Band. $7

Ed and the Educators will be at BWDW Fat's Grill and Bar at 9. They put on a great show at the otherwise lackluster Lebowskifest that Pacific Bowl put on. Although anytime I can call a Lincoln High teacher a perderast and get the response "8 year olds Dude", you've got to consider the night a success. Remember, nobody fucks with the Jesus. $5

And while you're in the area you might as well head on over to UOP for their take on Rocky Horror Picture Show at 11:55pm. Having been to a few Bay Area productions of Rocky Horror ("Rocky" by itself is reserved for one movie, and one movie alone), I'm not expecting anything too crazy to go on at the show. Especially when you throw in UOP's recent campaign against anything resembling fun. But hey, I could be (and usually am) wrong. $5

Sunday Oct. 26th

Sunday should probably be spent nursing that hangover away while watching football as usual. Unfortunatly the Niner and the Raiders are participating in the two most boring games of the week. The Niners "battle" the Seahawks in which the winner will probably be decided by who fumbles the ball last. And the Raiders take on the Ravens. Flacco! Russell! It's the NFL on...oh wait, no Sunday night game because of baseball for some weakass reason. (Not that that game would have been the night game anyways, unless NBC had decided to just throw in the towel ratingswise while still putting a game there)

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