Monday, October 6, 2008

So yesterday it became official. The Record's gas beat has gone from eerily dedicated to overkill. Yesterday in what was the first in a series of useless features, gas took over the paper.

Did you know people have been making lifestyle adjustments to be able to afford gas? They have to (brace yourselves for these shocking adjustments) carpool, or walk more, or take the bus, or take the commuter bus (that's right two stories about riding the bus, they were riveting), or maybe not take as many vacations. Lives are being turned upside down people!

It's not just the common folk either, farmers and the government are having a tough time turning a profit because of gas.

How could it have possibly have gotten this bad? Oh, politics? Yeah, that sounds about right. Honestly we've been beaten down by gas prices so much that it doesn't even really affect us anymore. Especially since gas prices have gone down a fucking dollar in the past 3 months. Sure it's still high, but it's not $4.50. We'll take it.

In fact, we're pretty sure that's how everybody feels. High gas prices have forced us all to adjust, only we all quietly made those adjustments about 2 or 3 years ago when gas was only mildly overpriced. Anger can only fester so long before you just stop caring. Unless of course you're Joe Goldeen and his blog. (We ususally skip his blog, but god damn that's a stalkerish dedication to gas prices. Shouldn't the Healthcare/Banking reporter be writing about healthcare and, oh I don't know, banking? We hear stuff might be going on with banks lately.)

Unfortunately, like with gas prices, the Record has kind of beat us into submission with it's shitty, multi-part features about subjects that nobody cares about. They'll always be there. We look forward to next weeks 8-story second part about alternative fuels and then the 12-story finale about how to save gas. It's not like there's an election or anything going on.

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