Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hey, want to go downtown and see Religulous? Oh wait...

There's an assload of movies I've been meaning to go see over the past couple of weeks. One of them is the Bill Maher movie "Religulous". I've heard good things about it and naively assumed that our 16-screen downtown movie theater would be showing it when it's wide-release came around last Friday.

But that, of course, would make sense. It's not like they've been advertising it in our market. No, the closest movie theater playing it is the IMAX in fucking Dublin. Our theater has two screens dedicated to "Beverly Hills Chihuahua", two screens dedicated to "Eagle Eye", and what has to be a pity screen dedicated to the piece of shit that is "An American Carol", yet they can't squeeze in one screening of "Religulous"? The only real redeeming quality that theater has is its large quantity of screens that frees up room for smaller releases, and they never fucking do so. Want to draw people downtown? Show decent movies. Want to draw people to downtown Stockton from out of town show movies they can't see in their towns!

Or just show what every other movie theater is showing. No need to distinguish ourselves from movie theaters in other cities.

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