Friday, October 31, 2008

Shit to do for the Halloween weekend

Scary Sexy Friday (semi-NSFW) 10/31

So like Slick said last night, 209Vibe kind of stole our thunder. Granted, they do a weekly post of local concerts too, just not with the pizazz that I do. Plus he doesn't include links to a semi-nude Marissa Miller. I think we win. Regardless, here's a list of all those parties going on tonight.

There's 209Vibe's party at the Empire featuring Watchout! There's Ghosts at 6pm. $15

The Blackwater's got their All Gallows Eve thing going on with The Outlaw Dance Society and The Vulgar Morons at8pm. $10

Nino's in Modesto's got a party going on featuring Tequila Mockingbird at 9pm. Plus it's FREE.

Crowd favorite The Boiler Room has the second part of their party going on tonight at 9pm. They always got good this going on. $10

And at a place we'll probably end up, the Elbow Room, offers up the double whammy of no cover and drink specials. Like they say, simple and to the point. FREE!!

There's other shit going on. Maxim's over in the old Mallards has a DJ tonight. Fat's is probably doing something too. And we can't forget Stooges of Lodi. But let's be honest, you'll be at a house party getting stoned in someone's living room while telling the squares that smoke is just dry ice.

Hangover Saturday 11/1

For those of you able to walk before noon this day, you didn't do it right you fucking pussy. Go back and drink more. Or head on over to Banner Island Ballpark to go see Minor Dischord, Funky Tim, and allegedly a bunch of other bands at...10 at night? Yikes, downtown at night. Good luck. $10

Or if you really feel like doing some traveling, at 10pm our friends over at Oh Dang! are putting on a quality birthday party for their EIC and Stockton native Zosquatch at the Poleng Lounge in SF featuring members of Jimi Handtrix, plus Sherlock Tones featuring Will Woodley on drums. We'd be going if we had transportation that we'd trust to get us past the Altamont. $10

Sunday 11/2

Niners have a bye week, Raiders take on the Falcons. Oakland's D vs. a rookie QB that's probably going to tear up their secondary? Fuck, is it Groundhog's Day? And somebody turn off the damn Sonny and Cher!

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