Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Old man angrily shakes fist at kids to get of his lawn

(Quick self-synopsis of this post: Kids don't respect their elders. I don't get kids these days. But it's funny so I'm posting it anyways.)

I don't go to as many local shows as I used to. The main reason is because I always feel like old man river when I go. Case in point, last Saturday's Novacain show.

The opening band (Jikoyokusei Shoukogun) was a bunch of high school kids clad in mesh and pleather. They played songs that they thought were dark and brooding but they were really just whiney. One song was actually called "Comfort Cyanide", a name that screams stereotype so loudly they might as well have called it "Cutty McCutmyself". The lead singer also felt the need to wear a black (obviously) skin tight shirt even though he had the biggest titties in a band where he was the only guy. He had some sort of Michael Jackson post-rhinoplasty thing on his face and was also the pleather offender. (I'd feel bad about making fun of a kid, but he probably doesn't care about my "conformist" views anyways. That and I'm a dick.)

Like with a lot of local shows without an age limit, the Blackwater was full of that band's friends who were all probably dropped off in their mom's minivan. They proceeded to cheer some of the most generic songs I've heard since I was in high school and thought Luxt was cool. Mostly they seemed amazed that the female drummer could passably work a double bass. (Even though it broke twice during the show.)

After apologizing to my own eardrums after that set, the solo version of Alitak (the band/person I came to see) took the stage. And he was talked over the entire time by the high school kids (No doubt they were talking about how cool their assumed Japanese names were). We sat through their entire set and I even stifled a groan when they decided to "treat" us to a replaying of their first song (I know, I'm a saint.), but apparently nobody told them that respect is a two-way street (cliché alert!) as Alitak actually got to the point where he stopped mid-song and pretty much told them to shut the fuck up. In actuality he channeled his inner high school teacher and lectured them about respecting the artists....twice during a 20 minute set.

God I fear for the future. But for reals, get off my lawn.

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