Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Quick Links for Oct. 21st

The Carl's Jr. on the corner of Hammer and West was robbed along with it's ATM machine. The robbers took off in the manager's car, which was found at the intersection of Cherbourg and Bernal. Which is like 6 feet from that Carl's Jr. Yet somehow they're still at large. Side note: What the fuck is a Mongolian haircut? Did he have a Ghangis Khan mustache or something?Either way Scot Pollard would like to trade hair care tips with him.

Sadly, Stockton's lost another title. We can no longer lay claim to having the worst parents in all of youth sports. For those too lazy to clickthrough, a Texas man pulled a gun on his kid's coach's husband. Why? Because he was over the line! (Mark it zero Smokey, or else you're going to be in a world of pain.) Ok, so it was over playing time. Stockton, the bar has been raised. We're fully expecting metal detectors at the next McNair football game. Although they probably could have used those anyways.

The city's moving at typical city speed getting these budget cuts fleshed out. The story's not particularly noteworthy, but we had to link to it if for no other reason than the headline, "Council's patience deficit runs high". In blogspeak I believe that's a +1.

Can we please give this guy a more imaginative name? Yes, we get it, it says "band" twice. It's still a lame name. May we suggest "White Nelly"?

So did you have EliteXC in your death pool? If so, congrats! While we saw the demise of ProElite (EliteXC's parent company) coming from a mile away, we expected it to happen after the (no longer) scheduled card in Reno on the 8th where Nick Diaz was to have fought Eddie Alvarez. A lot of people will rightfully point to the downfall of the legend of Kimbo Slice as the final nail in the coffin for EliteXC, but let's not forget that the beginning of the end was the show in good ol' Stockton. Why us? Because our show was the Kimboless card, if we had sold (keyword being "sold" not "given away") more tickets and gotten better ratings, maybe someone decides EliteXC is viable and buys it. But neither of those things happened and now it's gone. Bigfoot Silva's steroid usage probably didn't help matters either.

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