Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Where was "clarify legal language" on those petition guys' fact sheets?

Guess who realized that he didn't have as much support once people got home from the supermarket and realized what that petition they signed was actually for?

Yesterday, in a closed door meeting (oh the irony), A.G. Spanos Cos. agreed to drop its referendum bid in exchange for a letter promising that the city will adhere to the language in the Sierra Club settlement. Thus dealing Alex Spanos his second loss this week. This one stings just a little bit less than losing to the Dolphins. But most importantly it means this General Plan shit might finally be over. (For the city at least.)

In the end the issue ended up not being jobs, but whether the city would actually impose green building standards or would just consider them. Apparently Spanos was the only one who didn't realize that the city would consider imposing green building standards the same way I considered quitting drinking this morning, it ain't fucking likely. We can only assume the closed door meeting was so the city could lean across the table and say "Shut the fuck up or else the hippies will put down their bongs long enough to find out they got a shit deal." And that pisses us off. We wanted to see that in person. The people should have been involved in the settlement of the settlement. In response we're forming the American Alliance for Jobs and Mo'Money for You and the Children of America.

The AAJMMYCA wants you to know that the public was shut out of this referendum dropping and that's not right. AG Spanos Cos. might have stopped caring about the people having a say in shit we don't really need to vote on, but that doesn't mean we can't have our say. We want to involve the public in the process of deciding whether or not we should accept that letter. And we really want to see Spanos' lawyers try to explain that they were doing the whole referendum thing for the people and future jobs when all it took to get them to drop it was clarification that the settlement doesn't guarantee they'll have to use more expensive building methods. Come on, you know that would be hilarious.

Anybody feel like springing for a full page ad in the Record for us?

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