Thursday, October 16, 2008

Quick Links for 10/16

Ever want to see how neighborhoods in Stockton compare to neighborhoods in other cities? Now you can! Apparently half this town is like Bernal Heights in SF. Not sure how to feel about that.

Holy Jesus Christ Monkey Balls! Sub-$3 gas! How the fuck is this still a story!?

Next budding "controversy" for the"partisan mouthpiece" that is the Record? Or just common sense? HuffPo, it's your move. Recordnet could desperately use the hits. They need to show off the impressive size of their linkback list. Which is a great idea by the way.

Christian Burkin checks in after a fairly lengthy blog break to chime in on Tom Morris' retirement. It's a must read if only for the classic line "If the city finds someone who will (take the Stockton Police Chief job), Morris said, 'I would make sure you give that person a psychological exam.'" We're going to screenshot the post just in case Recordnet gets a little squirrelly with the "delete post" button again.

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