Friday, October 24, 2008

When I die, "An American Carol" will be playing on a loop for me in Hell

The Record finally took a break from printing exclusivly political letters to the editor so I figured I'd see what was going on over on B8 today.

First, it shouldn't be too surprising that I tend to lean towards the liberal side of issues. But, putting partisanship aside, I would have to wholeheartedly disagree with Walter Freeman's letter. Why not cast a vote of a more unconventional nature and support "An American Carol"? Because the best way to support your party probably isn't going and seeing a movie made by the guy responsible for the "Naked Gun" series and "Baseketball". Don't get me wrong, I love "Baseketball" and use the Steve Perry psyche out pretty much every time I play beer pong, and the Naked Gun movies were fucking classics. It's just that the reason nobody went to see that movie wasn't because republicans hate supporting Hollywood, it's because that movie sucked 45 bags of dicks. Conservative messages probably aren't best delivered in something that resembles a somehow even shittier version of "Epic Movie".

For the love of God I hope that letter was intended to be sarcastic. And it probably was, I just have leftover bile to spit out after yesterdays "Best of San Joaquin" awards.

Oh, and thanks for your letter about your pet project Julie Hisaka. I was having a tough time falling asleep for my lunchtime na....
Oops, sorry. I fell asleep again just thinking about that boring ass letter.

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