Monday, October 27, 2008

Plea for Permits

I'm supposed to be taking it easy today but Middagh had to go and throw out something important and newsworthy up on the Stockton Rocks MySpace so I'm passing it along. Anybody who's ever attempted to get a permit from the city knows how difficult it can be, especially even if it's for something sorely needed like a decent downtown music venue. Here's Mr. Goodwin's plea for help copied and pasted from the MySpace bulletin.

Do you live in Stockton and think there is a need for medium size all ages venue? The Plea for Peace Center is in the process of getting its live music permits. A postcard has been sent out requesting feedback. They will accept letters recieved up until 5pm on the 29th. Yeah I know that is only 2 days. If you are able to write a concise letter spelling out the need for a venue like this, that would be great. Reference number UP62-08 in the letter. The venue will be located at 630 E Weber St Stockton CA 95202.
Send letters to
Community Development Director
Permits Center (UP62-08)
345 North El Dorado Street
Stockton, CA. 95202
Send a legible signed letter(including your printed name address and phone number to the address above.)
Middagh Goodwin

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